EMU Sportswear hits Uganda

EMU Sportswear hits Uganda

EMU Sportswear will be worn in yet another continent under our international brand EV2 Sportswear.

A company in Kenya, Africa sponsoring a school sports event has reached out to EMU Sportswear to provide the official apparel for Brookside Dairy in the Uganda Games for 2018.

With an an office in England that services our European client base and our staff in Townsville, Brisbane and South Australia working together to service our Australian clients and our international clients in New Zealand, USA and PNG, the locally grown company has truly reached a global status. Managing Director John Short said, “Securing our first lot of sales in Africa signifies another continent we are now trading with.”

Download the full story via The Townsville Bulletin below. Image supplied by Townsville Bulletin.


"It is in our DNA. We know playing sport is not what you do, it is who you are"
- EMU Sportswear

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