About Us

EMU Sportswear offers the highest quality of custom team & group apparel on the market today. We pride ourselves on supplying quality products on time every time. Our 40+ years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best custom team & group apparel manufacturer in the market.

At EMU Sportswear we live and breathe sports. It’s who we are. We’re the ones who get to training early, and leave late, just because we love it. If you can’t see us on the sidelines cheering on the team over the weekend, it’s because we’re on the field. It’s in our DNA. We know playing sport is what you do, it’s also what we do. We get it!

EMU Sportswear is proud to be part of Fourex Clothing Pty Ltd, Australia born and bred. Our roots will always be Australian, but it hasn’t stopped us spreading our wings and taking great Australian sports apparel designs to the world. We’ll be wherever the teams who support us, need us to be.

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About EMU Sportswear